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Micah Vono is an Information Designer, Knowledge Manager, and all-around ideas guy.

Micah has been active in the web design community since 1996 in freelance and corporate roles. He is currently focused on leveraging Web 2.0 technologies with Knowledge Management principles to maximize collaboration, communication, and productivity in business.

In 2009, he led an initiative that enabled IT Service Desk agents to work from home, and now consults on similar initiatives for other groups. He likes to talk about Telework with whomever will listen.



5/26/13 - Ignite Minneapolis
Topic: "Spontaneous travel: How I woke up and decided to fly to Liberia "

5/19/10 - HDI MN Chapter
Topic: "Making telework work"

4/6/10 - 494 Commuter Services luncheon
Topic: Telework

3/4/10 - When Work Works event
Topic: "Work is a thing you do, not a place you go."

2/10 - 494 Commuter Services
Topic: Telework

02/03/09 - Northwest Chapter of AITP
Topic: "Web 2.0 and Knowledge Management."


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Twitter: @micahvono